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We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.



Basque Escapes is the Personal Travel Concierge service specialised in free-spirited Basque Country, particularly its part located in southwestern France. We are here for you to listen to you, to understand your preferences and priorities and bring your travel dreams into reality.

From flight tickets, hotel and self-catering villa reservations to activity bookings – we design and refine it especially for you every single time, so you can focus on the most important part of your travel: the experience.

We know the importance of being flexible, caring and creative and we will be with you every step of your journey to ensure that your holidays are stress-free.

Discover the spectacular Coastline with fabulous sand beaches, often wild and natural with excellent surfing conditions.


We will be pleased to arrange flights not only to Basque Country, but anywhere you like to go and find the best solution according to your needs. We offer high quality personal service with full support of bookings during your travel.


Travelling to a country you have never been before feels very exciting, but finding the right place to stay is often not easy. Save yourself the stress and time by letting us choose the right accommodation for you. Whether your preference is a hotel or self catered villa or apartement, we know most of these places personally.


The Basque Country offers a wide selection of activities. The birth place of surfing in Europe, as well as golf in France and the original fastest ball game in the world, the Pelote Basque, is an ideal destination for all passionate surfers and golf and sport enthusiasts. We will assist you with finding the right surf school for you, booking the green fees or golf pass or arrange the pelote experience. If the main reason why you are here is your decision to take your French to the next level, we are here to help you to chose the best course for you in the local French school, where you can even combine French lessons with surf sessions. And there is a lot more ...



We do not offer generic packages to fit all. There are no limits which would stop us to assist you in fulfilling your travel dreams. We find out exactly what type of traveller you are, the style of holiday you are looking for and we then do all the hard work for you to bring your holiday dreams to life.

Whether you are planning a surf holiday with your friends or you are a golf enthusiast or you have just decided to learn french, we are here to create seamless experience for you.

We have a complete personal knowledge of our destination and make sure that your accommodation is well located and suitable for your needs and that you’re dining at amazing restaurants. We listen to you and can plan any activity or itinerary for you..

If anything should go wrong, we will be here to sort everything out. We will be with you every step of your journey to ensure that your holidays are stress-free and that you have an amazing time.