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We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.



Although specialised mainly in the free-spirited Basque Country, we are always ready to go beyond and connect you with any place you love. As a personal travel concierge, we are here for you to listen to you, to understand your preferences and priorities and bring your travel dreams into reality.

Whether you just want to book your flight tickets or accommodation, rent a car and arrange some activity, or you would like to travel and you are unsure about the current regulations, we have all the practical knowledge to assist you.

We know the importance of being flexible and caring and we will be with you every step of your journey to ensure that your travel is always stress-free.

Discover the spectacular coastline with fabulous natural sand beaches and excellent surfing conditions.


No matter where you'd like to go, we'll get you there. Should you need to postpone your trip, bring some extra baggage or upgrade to higher class, we will take care of it. We always check the latest entry regulation for your destination and help you with all the formalities so that you can connect with the world again.


Travelling to a country you have never been before feels very exciting, but finding the right place to stay is often not easy. Save yourself the stress and time by letting us choose the right accommodation for you. Whether your preference is a hotel or self catered villa or apartement, we know most of these places personally.


Whether you desire to catch the waves in this birth place of surfing in Europe, take a swing at the best golf courses along the Basque coast, reconnect yourself with nature and take a quiet walk in the foothills of the Pyrenees, watch the birds migration or embark on a sailboat and explore the riches of the Atlantic Ocean and its unique Gouf de Capbreton , or please your gourmand heart at one of many local Michelin-starred restaurant and at the famous Rioja vineyards, we have it covered.



We do not offer generic packages to fit all. Share with us your passions and your travel dreams and we will turn them into reality.

Whatever you are looking for, let us safe you time by crafting holiday you desire , With our personal knowledge of our destination we make sure that your accommodation is well located and suitable for your needs, that you’re dining at amazing restaurants and that you are spending happy moments.

We understand that your holiday is deeply personal and we always stay discrete, professional and by your side whenever you need us.