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My name is Katerina. It all started in 2005, when love made me come and discover this unique place and follow my dreams.

In 2020, after my long career at Air France and the Emirates in Prague, I decided to use my professional skills and travel experience and founded Basque Escapes, a small agency with personal travel concierge services that is fully dedicated to you, my clients.

During the pandemic, I moved to Pays Basque to start my new life.  I feel already at home here, even I’m still quite new. This place reminds me of so many different countries that I have visited during my life that I have named it “the world in one country”. When I walk along the wide sandy beach in Bidart during the low tide and watch the surfers riding the waves , I am in Muizenberg, South Africa. The shapes of the green mountains visible from the port of Hendaye take me back to Moorea in French Polynesia. When you go inland with green hills full of white sheep, you think you are in New Zealand. When you cross the border and reach the largest desert in Europe, the Bardenas Reales, you can’t believe you’re not in Colorado. There aren’t many places in the world that have everything, the ocean, the mountains, great food and wine, but what makes this place even more harmonious are its people, strong and yet so gentle inside, respectful and kind who know how to live life…

If you decide to come here or to any other place that is close to your heart, I will help you connect with it. I will be there for you, from our first contact until the moment you return home. You will never be alone in the world and you will always have someone to rely on.

Yours Katerina Drmlova

Destiny brought me to this exceptional place, which touched my heart so deeply, that I began returning here every time I possibly could and one day decided to stay. I hope you will have the same feelings of happiness during your stay in Basque Country, that you will always want to return for more ...


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